Tuesday, 11 October 2016

All Saints, Bolton Percy

Situated in the remote but picturesque village, beside a medieval gatehouse, this surprisingly large ancient church was open to visitors

There are no war graves extant within the church grounds, but there was one in the graveyard opposite. This graveyard is a rather unusual shape, and very overgrown. However, it is not neglected - the plants all seem to be herbs or fragrant flowering shrubs and trees.

615941 Ldg A/C Warriner, J.T.,
Royal Air Force
13th December 1939  Age 24

St Pauls, Colton

St Pauls in Colton is a small redbrick church with a modest graveyard,

No extant war graves

Of other interest in this small remote village, is the old phone box, which has been turned into a library

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

All Saints, Barlby

The daylight was beginning to fade by the time I visited this church, but having visited on other occasions I knew of the presence of a couple of war graves here.

However, I was not aware of one of them, due to not previously knowing of the existence of dark grey granite headstones on these graves.

The extant burials are -

T3/031317 Driver McCarthy, W.
Army Service Corps
30th May 1916

14120986 Driver Graves, Albert
Royal Corps of Signals
15th May 1947. Age 20

950321 Cpl Tomlinson, A.E.,
Royal Air Force
7th March 1944. Age 25

S/93598 Cpl Milner, H.,
Royal Army Service Corps
17-18th April 1942. Age 29

25146681 Pte Carlton, Jamie
Royal Logistic Corps
20th December 2004. Age 19

This one really had a sobering effect on me. Most of the war graves ive documented are from the world wars or small post war conflicts. They in many ways are quite distant. This isnt, his time in service would overlap that of many of the ex-forces people I now work with.

Current Survey Status

So far in this survey, I have visited roughly two thirds of the churches and cemeteries I know of within Selby District,

In doing so, over one hundred and fifty war graves have been identified and recorded on this survey, plus a number of other graves of interest.

On the above map, those marked blue have been visited and recorded. Those marked in green remain to be visited. The few in yellow are outside of the boundary.

Selby Abbey, Selby

There are no War Graves in the churchyard of the Abbey.

Inside there are a number of memorials and monuments. The abbey itself is open to the public and is very much worth a visit. The church ladies run a tea room inside and gift shop. See my other blogs for details of our radio special event station from the Abbey.

St. James the Apostle, Selby

Another town center church, with very small grounds.
No Wargraves Extant

St. Marys, Selby

Only one single ancient headstone is present in the extremely small yard of this church.
No Wargraves Extant